TINGLE v. STATE, 200 Ala. 700 (1917)

TINGLE v. STATE, 200 Ala. 700 (1917)
76 So. 998

TINGLE et al. v. STATE, for Use of WINSTON COUNTY.

6 Div. 517.Supreme Court of Alabama.
June 14, 1917.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Winston County; J. J. Curtis, Judge.

Gray Wiggins, of Jasper, for appellants.

Bankhead Bankhead, of Jasper, for appellee.


This action was brought by the state, for the use, etc., against Tingle and his sureties on his official bond as tax collector of Winston county. From a judgment for plaintiff, the defendants appeal. Really, there is in the brief for appellant no adequate insistence for error; yet there is a measure of merely off-hand assertion of criticisms of the action of the court in a few particulars. None of these possess any merit. The judgment is affirmed.


ANDERSON, C. J., and SAYRE and GARDNER, JJ., concur.