DECISIONS W/O PUBLISHED OPINIONS, 814 So.2d 1013 (Ala. 2000)

DECISIONS W/O PUBLISHED OPINIONS, 814 So.2d 1013 (Ala. 2000)Supreme Court of Alabama.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This case is unpublished as indicated by the issuing court.]
Decisions of the Supreme Court of Alabama without Published Opinions. (Compiled September 30, 2000).

W.D.W. v. State CR-99-0608 08/04/2000 Reh. Denied
Antonio Bonner v. State CR-99-0615 08/25/2000 Affirmed (see case
at ___ So.2d ___
John Henry Meadows v. State CR-99-0616 07/14/2000 Reh. Denied
Timothy Alan Wedd v. State CR-99-0639 08/18/2000 Affirmed
09/15/2000 Reh. Denied
Michael Johnathan Whitsett v. State CR-99-0650 09/15/2000 Reh. Denied
James Durwood Aplin, Jr., v. State CR-99-0652 08/25/2000 Reh. Denied
(memo of
withdrawn; memo
substituted; affirmed)
Marcus Terrell Grubbs v. State CR-99-0653 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Warren Eugene Langford v. State CR-99-0670 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Bradley Elliott Looney v. State CR-99-0672 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Christopher D. Darby v. State CR-99-0678 07/14/2000 Reh. Denied
Chester Hadley v. State CR-99-0681 08/04/2000 Reh. Denied
Quenton Terrell Cross v. State DR-99-0684 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Robin Edward Langford v. State CR-99-0686 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Dennis Louis White v. State CR-99-0688 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Edwin Joseph Brazil III v. State CR-99-0697 07/21/2000 Reh. Denied
Alvin Hilliard v. State CR-99-0700 08/04/2000 Reh. Denied
Roger Lewis, Jr.0 v. State CR-99-0704 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Sherman Packer v. State CR-99-0712 08/11/2000 Affirmed
Kenneth Wayne Vinson v. State CR-99-0717 08/04/2000 Reh. Denied
Bruce Quillon Carroll v. State CR-99-0722 08/18/2000 Affirmed
09/15/2000 Reh. Denied
Elmore Cook, Jr. v. State CR-99-0734 08/11/2000 Affirmed
09/01/2000 Reh. Denied
Wesley Mead v. State CR-99-0736 08/04/2000 Reh. Denied
Elizabeth Johnston v. State CR-99-0739 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Willie Griffin v. State CR-99-1741 08/18/2000 Affirmed
09/01/2000 Reh. Denied
William L. Jones v. State CR-99-0743 08/18/2000 Affirmed
Mark S. Brunson v. State CR-99-0756 07/14/2000 Reh. Denied
Stephen Dwight Hardwick v. State CR-99-0760 08/18/2000 Affirmed
09/22/2000 Reh. Denied
Roderick James Mitchell v. State CR-99-0767 08/18/2000 Affirmed
09/15/2000 Reh. Denied
John Edward Cranfield v. State CR-99-0770 07/14/2000 Reh. Denied
Mack Arthur Guest v. State CR-99-0776 07/14/2000 Reh. Denied
Christopher Wright v. State CR-99-0784 08/03/2000 Dismissed
Michael Dewayne Roberts v. State CR-99-0791 08/04/2000 Reh. Denied
Duane Lane v. State CR-99-0798 08/04/2000 Reh. Denied
Robert Louis Stiles v. State CR-99-0800 08/18/2000 Affirmed
09/15/2000 Reh. Denied
Lloyd Jones, Jr. v. State CR-99-0816 09/22/2000 Affirmed
James Phillips v. State CR-99-0817 08/18/2000 Affirmed
09/15/2000 Reh. Denied
Christopher D. Turner v. State CR-99-0826 07/21/2000 Reh. Denied

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