VEASLEY v. STATE, 18 Ala. App. 698 (1921)

VEASLEY v. STATE, 18 Ala. App. 698 (1921)
89 So. 927


5 Div. 338.Court of Appeals of Alabama.
May 17, 1921.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Lee County; Lum Duke, Judge.

Felix Veasley was convicted of manslaughter, and appeals. Affirmed.

Thomas L. Bulger, of Dadeville, for appellant.

No brief reached the Reporter. Harwell G. Davis, Atty. Gen., for the State.

No brief reached the Reporter.


The defendant was indicted for manslaughter in the first degree, was convicted as charged, and the jury fixed his punishment at five years in the penitentiary. Judgment and sentence rendered accordingly. This appeal is upon the record proper, without bill of exceptions. Upon examination of the record it is ascertained that all the proceedings were regular and no error appears. The judgment rendered in the lower court is therefore affirmed. Affirmed.