STUTTS v. STATE, 245 Ala. 142 (1943)

STUTTS v. STATE, 245 Ala. 142 (1943)
16 So.2d 203


8 Div. 238.Supreme Court of Alabama.
June 10, 1943.Rehearing Denied November 18, 1943.Further Rehearing Denied January 13, 1944.

Jos. A. Padway, of Washington, D.C., and Merwin T. Koonce and A. A. Williams, both of Florence, for the petition.

Wm. N. McQueen, Acting Atty. Gen., opposed.

Petition of Dock Stutts for certiorari to the Court of Appeals to review and revise the judgment and decision of that Court in the case of Stutts v. State, 16 So.2d 202.


The petition for certiorari is denied on authority of Lash v. State, Ala.Sup., 14 So.2d 242, this day decided.

Writ denied.

GARDNER, C. J., and THOMAS and BROWN, JJ., concur.Page 143