PEYTON v. STATE, 21 Ala. App. 689 (1925)

PEYTON v. STATE, 21 Ala. App. 689 (1925)
105 So. 925

Charles PEYTON and Robert Limbaugh v. STATE.

8 Div. 301.Court of Appeals of Alabama.
June 30, 1925.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Madison County; James E. Horton, Judge.

Douglass Taylor, of Huntsville, for appellant.

Harwell G. Davis, Atty. Gen., for the State.


These appellants were indicted, tried, and convicted in the court below jointly with Charles Byrd; different punishments being imposed upon each of the three. The appeal by Charles Byrd being heard and determined by the Supreme Court, the judgments here appealed from are reversed and remanded, upon the authority of Charles Byrd v. State, 213 Ala. 333,104 So. 830, present term.

Reversed and remanded.