MONROE COUNTY BD. OF EDUC. v. TURNER, 601 So.2d 997 (Ala.Civ.App. 1992)

MONROE COUNTY BD. OF EDUC. v. TURNER, 601 So.2d 997 (Ala.Civ.App. 1992)
601 So.2d 997

MONROE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, Bobby G. Grissette, Sam Hollingsworth,as Superintendent of Education, Alfred Nall, James Maughon, George Brown,Caswell Carmichael, and Johnny Snyder, Individually and as Members of theMonroe County Board of Education v. Barbara-Lee TURNER.

2900322.Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama.
July 10, 1992.

Appeal from Monroe Circuit Court, William I. Byrd, Judge.

J. Milton Coxwell, Jr., Monroeville, for appellants.

Henry Brewster and Gregory B. Stein of Stein and Brewster, Mobile, for appellee.

Richard N. Meadows and Denise B. Azar, Montgomery, for amicus curiae State Dept. of Educ.

David R. Boyd, W. Joseph McCorkle, Jr. and Patricia A. Hamilton of Balch and Bingham, Montgomery, for amicus curiae Alabama Ass’n of School Boards.

Edward Still, Birmingham, for amicus curiae Alabama Educ. Ass’n.


The prior judgment of this court has been reversed, and the cause remanded by the Supreme Court of Alabama. On remand to this court, and in compliance with the Supreme Court’s opinion of June 12, 1992, 601 So.2d 995 (Ala. 1992), the judgment of the trial court is hereby affirmed.


ROBERTSON, P.J., and RUSSELL, J., concur.Page 998