MARSH v. J. L. WITTMEIER, 280 Ala. 715 (1966)

MARSH v. J. L. WITTMEIER, 280 Ala. 715 (1966)
190 So.2d 920

Kathy Sue MARSH, pro ami. v. J. L. WITTMEIER.

6 Div. 77.Supreme Court of Alabama.
October 13, 1966.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Blount County; L. P. Waid, Judge.

Rogers, Howard, Redden Mills, Birmingham, for appellant.

Johnson Randall, Oneonta, and Lange, Simpson, Robinson
Somerville, Birmingham, for appellee.

COLEMAN, Justice.

The plaintiff undertakes to appeal from a judgment of voluntary nonsuit. The judgment entry in the instant case is virtually identical with the judgment entry in Marsh v. Wittmeier, 280 Ala. 172, 190 So.2d 920, wherein the appeal was dismissed for reasons stated in the opinion. For the same reasons, the instant appeal must be dismissed.

Appeal dismissed.

LIVINGSTON, C. J., and GOODWYN and MERRILL, JJ., concur.