JOHNSON v. STATE, 242 Ala. 131 (1941)

JOHNSON v. STATE, 242 Ala. 131 (1941)
5 So.2d 110


1 Div. 140.Supreme Court of Alabama.
December 18, 1941.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Mobile County; D. H. Edington, Judge.

No attorney marked for appellant.

Thos. S. Lawson, Atty. Gen., for the State.

BOULDIN, Justice.

This appeal is upon the record proper, without a bill of exceptions. No error appearingPage 132
in the record, the judgment of conviction of the offense of murder in the first degree, and sentence to imprisonment for life upon the verdict of the jury, are in all things affirmed.


GARDNER, C. J., and FOSTER and LIVINGSTON, JJ., concur.