DECISIONS W/O PUBLISHED OPINIONS, 821 So.2d 1042 (Ala.Crim.App. 2001)

DECISIONS W/O PUBLISHED OPINIONS, 821 So.2d 1042 (Ala.Crim.App. 2001) Table of Decisions of the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals Without Published Opinions.Court of Criminal Appeals of Alabama.
(Compiled March 31, 2001).

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This case is unpublished as indicated by the issuing court.]

Michael Anthony Cox v. State CR-00-0413 01/18/2001 Dismissed
Corey Damon Purifoy v. State CR-00-0420 02/23/2001 Affirmed
03/16/2001 Reh. denied
Jeffrey Walker v. State CR-00-0421 01/25/2001 Dismissed
Terry Lee Davis v. State CR-00-0425 03/23/2001 Affirmed
William Earl Jefferson v. State CR-00-0426 02/23/2001 Affirmed
03/23/2001 Reh. denied
Cornelius Lewayne Pilot v. State CR-00-0428 03/23/2001 Affirmed
Henry Clay Smith III v. State CR-00-0430 03/23/2001 Affirmed
Vincent Earl Boglin v. State CR-00-0432 02/23/2001 Affirmed
James Milton cain v. State CR-00-0434 02/28/2001 Dismissed
Charles Godfrey v. State CR-00-0437 01/29/2001 Dismissed
Johnny Holley v. State CR-00-0438 02/16/2001 Affirmed
Elvin Johnson v. State CR-00-0440 02/16/2001 Affirmed
03/09/2001 Certificate of
judgment recalled
Curtis Ware v. State CR-00-0444 02/16/2001 Affirmed
Patrick Warren v. State CR-00-0445 02/16/2001 Affirmed
Stanley Frieson Washington v. State CR-00-0446 02/23/2001 Affirmed
03/19/2001 Certificate of
judgement recalled
03/30/2001 Reh. Denied
Lewis Wyman Carter v. State CR-00-0451 03/20/2001 Dismissed
James Clark, Jr. v. State CR-00-0458 02/23/2001 Affirmed
03/23/2001 Reh. Denied
Mark Anthony Chandler v. State CR-00-0459 02/23/2001 Affirmed
03/16/2001 Reh. Denied
Michael Clency v. State CR-00-0460 03/23/2001 Affirmed
Michael Leon Hill v. State CR-00-0464 02/23/2001 Affirmed
03/16/2001 Reh. Denied
Richard Todd Malone v. State CR-00-0466 03/09/2001 Affirmed
03/23/2001 Reh. Denied
Ricky Emanuel Stanley v. State CR-00-0470 03/23/2001 Affirmed
Paul Benedict v. State CR-00-0479 02/23/2001 Affirmed
Derrick Marcell Person v. State CR-00-0481 02/02/2001 Dismissed
Mark Nettles v. State CR-00-0488 03/23/2001 Affirmed
Daniel Clinton Johnson v. State CR-00-0489 02/23/2001 Affirmed
03/16/2001 Reh. Denied
Deanthony Farrior v. City of Bessemer CR-00-0492 02/07/2001 Dismissed
Ex parte Jackie Ray Brown CR-00-0516 02/15/2001 Habeas corpus pet.
Brandy Swain, alias Brandy Lamon Swain v. State CR-00-0519 03/09/2001 Affirmed
Johnny Dobbins v. State CR-00-0524 01/22/2001 Dismissed
Henry Neal Ferguson III v. State CR-00-0525 03/23/2001 Dismissed
Rose Harrison v. State CR-00-0527 02/06/2001 Dismissed
Mark Travis Jones v. State CR-00-0540 03/05/2001 Dismissed
Torey A. Mayfield v. State CR-00-0541 03/23/2001 Affirmed
Ex parte Theophylus Battle CR-00-0549 01/18/2001 Mand. pet. dismissed
Ex parte Lynn B. Johnson CR-00-0550 01/19/2001 Mand. pet. dismissed

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