DECISIONS W/O PUBLISHED OPINIONS, 810 So.2d 812 (Ala.Crim.App. 2000)

DECISIONS W/O PUBLISHED OPINIONS, 810 So.2d 812 (Ala.Crim.App. 2000)Court of Criminal Appeals of Alabama.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This case is unpublished as indicated by the issuing court.]

Roy H. Barron v. State CR-99-0613 05/19/2000 Affirmed
06/23/2000 Reh. denied
Henry Meadows, Jr. v. State CR-99-0616 05/19/2000 Affirmed
James Willie Harris v. State CR-99-0617 05/19/2000 Affirmed
06/16/2000 Reh. denied
Billy Wayne Benson v. State CR-99-0623 04/21/2000 Affirmed
05/19/2000 Reh. denied
Richard M. Cole v. State CR-99-0624 05/19/2000 Affirmed
Jackie Edwards v. State CR-99-0626 04/21/2000 Affirmed
Lee Marvin Fletcher v. State CR-99-0627 06/16/2000 Affirmed
James Clayton Nelson v. State CR-99-0629 04/21/2000 Reh. denied
Lorenzo McPherson v. State CR-99-0636 04/21/2000 Affirmed
Clarence Buchannon v. State CR-99-0642 04/14/2000 Reh. denied
Ronald Dewayne Eford v. State CR-99-0644 04/21/2000 Reh. denied
William Porter v. State CR-99-0648 04/06/2000 Dismissed
Christopher Robin Sykes v. State CR-99-0649 05/26/2000 Dismissed
Michael Johnathan Whitsett v. State CR-99-0650 06/23/2000 Affirmed
James Durwood Aplin, Jr. v. State CR-99-0652 06/23/2000 Affirmed
Jerome Harris v. State CR-99-0655 05/19/2000 Affirmed
David Lee Jemison v. State CR-99-0658 04/14/2000 Reh. denied
Christopher Henry Johnston v. State CR-99-0659 05/19/2000 Affirmed
J. R. v. State CR-99-0662 06/02/2000 Affirmed
James Elbert Dubose v. State CR-99-0666 04/28/2000 Reh. denied
Olin Grimsley v. State CR-99-0667 04/21/2000 Affirmed
James M. Young v. State CR-99-0673 04/21/2000 Reh. denied
Johnathan Christopher Phillips v. State CR-99-0674 06/23/2000 Affirmed
M.M. v. State CR-99-0676 04/28/2000 Affirmed
Christopher D. Darby v. State CR-99-0678 06/23/2000 Affirmed
Chester Hadley v. State CR-99-0681 06/23/2000 Affirmed
Stacy Sinclaire Boykin v. State CR-99-0683 06/23/2000 Affirmed
Derrick Hugh Jones v. State CR-99-0685 05/19/2000 Affirmed
06/16/2000 Reh. denied
Fernando S. Dawson v. State CR-99-0689 05/19/2000 Affirmed
06/16/2000 Reh. denied
Terry Little v. State CR-99-0690 04/21/2000 Affirmed
06/09/2000 Reh. denied
Charles J. Rohusky v. State CR-99-0691 04/28/2000 Affirmed
05/26/2000 Reb. denied
Alan Derrick Bumpers v. State CR-99-0694 04/21/2000 Affirmed
05/12/2000 Reh. denied
Alan Derrick Bumpers v. State CR-99-0695 04/14/2000 Reh. denied
Alan Derrick Bumpers v. State CR-99-0696 04/21/2000 Reh. denied
Edwin Joseph Brazil III v. State CR-99-0697 06/23/2000 Affirmed
James Melvin Dunaway v. State CR-99-0699 04/21/2000 Affirmed
Alvin Hilliard v. State CR-99-0700 06/23/2000 Affirmed
Larry E. Jackson v. State CR-99-0702 05/19/2000 Affirmed
06/09/2000 Reh. denied
06/30/2000 Certificate of
judgment issued
6/27/2000 recalled

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