CITY OF GADSDEN v. JORDAN, 760 So.2d 878 (Ala.Civ.App. 1999)

CITY OF GADSDEN v. JORDAN, 760 So.2d 878 (Ala.Civ.App. 1999)

City of Gadsden v. Thomas Herman Jordan.

No. 2970342.Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama.
Decided December 17, 1999.

Appeal from Etowah Circuit Court (CV-94-1344)

Alice B. Pruett, Gadsden, for respondent.

Jay E. Stover and Clifford L. Callis, Jr., of Callis Stover, Rainbow City; and Garve W. Ivey, Jr., of King, Ivey Warren, Jasper, for petitioner.

On Remand from the Supreme Court

The prior judgment of this court has been reversed by the Supreme Court of Alabama. See Ex parte Thomas Herman Jordan,760 So.2d 877 (Ala. 1999). On remand to this court, and in compliance with the supreme court’s opinion, the judgment of the trial court is affirmed. See State v. Property at 2018 Rainbow Drive knownas the Oasis, 740 So.2d 1025 (Ala. 1999).


Robertson, P.J., and Yates, Monroe, and Thompson, JJ., concur.